My wife had the plan and we paid in for over one year. After one year my wife wanted a check up to have colon checked.

Difficult to find a doctor who would take this liberty heath share, most do not. Scheduled the exam, and they wanted a $500 deposit up front. We paid and then two months later started getting bills. We called and were told that they were in process and would get paid.

Another two months go by, more bills. They paid a total of approx. $900 dollars and I paid another $600 in addition to the deposit.

A total waste of money.

My friend who does not have any insurance negotiated with a doctor and paid a total of $700. It is better to be self insured.

Location: Juno Beach, Florida

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One hundred percent agree, they are an embarrasment


PLEASE PLEASE Make sure you contact the Ohio Attorney General and file a complaint. They govern over this type of entity.

Liberty still has these same issues today 4/1/19.

It is vital everyone files a complaint so this sort of thing is stopped. You can also go to ohioattorneygeneral.gov or call 866-406-**** Thanks

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