Liberty Healthshare (LHS) review: based on reading all the negative reviews here as well as on other websites, and also on my own personal experiences with LHS, it seems LHS only lives up to its name for medical liberty when a member is healthy and on the giving side of sharing. Everything changes when a member needs to be on the receiving side of the sharing. The main issues reviewed appear to be that the administration of the members shared contributions is often conducted without honesty, integrity and reliability. The result of these administrative issues causes dishonor and disrespect to the members (and their medical providers) and ultimately, to God. Based on these reviews and my personal experience here are the recurring administrative issues: 1) Poor to No Customer Service: a) communication issues: E-mails: no response at all to takes several weeks for response

Faxes: ignored

Phone calls: hang ups and or long hold times, return phone call requests ignored 2) Insufficient/Inadequate staff training leading to miscommunication, misdirection or outright lies to members and medical providers regarding the entire billing/reimbursement/payment process 3) Excessively long medical bill payment and member reimbursement times with no real or clear accountability to the members, even though the website advertises a 30-45 turn cycle 4) No clear written policy processes or definitions of bill payment status for members or staff resulting in issues with claims and reimbursements

5) Multiple medical bill payment issues including lengthy and sometimes adversarial disputes over actually allowable sharing charges; and inadequate staff handling of pre-notification process; pre-notification requested and received by member but not communicated within the LHS organization.

6) Significant New System Transition Issues; transition to new system beginning 2/2019 resulted in a 2 plus month blackout of members ability to access new share box content, caused multiple billing/payment issues, some apologies from LHS, but excuses and issues continue today.

So, it appears that LHS has multiple unresolved issues with many of their members to whom they owe integrity and accountability. LHS’s response to these issues will demonstrate if they are willing to be transparent and accountable by swiftly resolving these issues, or continue on the same course they are on now and jeopardize their future by driving away current and new members who read these websites prior to making health care coverage decisions.

Location: Ashford, Connecticut

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