Had a date of service on 7-17-2017, Liberty Healthshare has been billed, sent copies by email, fax, overnight FedX; and bill still remains unpaid. Customer service does not have phone number for CEO or how to reach his office.

They state they are not given that information, they don't even know is name. Supervisors (Josh) state they can not email or contact the accounting department to check status on claim payment. This is the worst insurance and customer service I have even seen. You must pay them then beg them to process your claims.

You must also do all the work in getting claims filed and to them.

One department has NO idea of who or what is going on in other departments. You do the work and Liberty gets paid!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Liberty Healthshare Health Insurance.

Location: Columbus, Georgia

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Make sure you contact the Ohio Attorney General and file a complaint. They govern over this type of entity.

Liberty still has these same issues today 4/1/19.

It is vital everyone files a complaint so this sort of thing is stopped. You can also go to ohioattorneygeneral.gov or google for their phone.


Thank you for this information, we are in the situation of also not getting our money as promised, I have read tons of reviews on different sites and the complaints are all the same.

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