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LHS not paying for a wellness visit

by Dezerae Gta

I've been a LHS donator of $200 premiums since Oct of 2016. I called and ask if I could use Life line screening as a wellness visit provider and send in the bill after I paid for it.

The agent at LHS saiad they accept Life Line screening as a wellness provider and I could do so. I went to my apt. and had my check up in Nov of 2017 sent in my $332 receipt and all pertinent docs in on portal. LHS denied claim and wanted me to put toward my deductible.

It was marked as a wellness visit that is supposed to be paid in full by LHS. I called on Dec 18th 2017 a rep. looked at it didn't know why it was not paid so they resubmitted it. Called again in Jan of 2018 still have not received payment they resubmitted it again.

What scares me if LHS can't get a simple $332 wellness visit bill paid back to one of their clients (and this is the only time I've sent a bill in since I've been with LHS) How will they do if I'm really in need of them? And I don't want to be told by a person in the Communications Department that I read any guidelines before becoming a member. Maybe that Communications Department person should train LHS phone agents to answer questions correctly. And stop selling a product.

With all that said The last agent I spoke to in Jan 2018 (which the conversation by the way, was not even documented on my portal) told me that LHS takes 45 days to pay out bills.

My question is is that 45 days from the posting of the original visit which was Nov 15th 2017 that makes about 90 days so far or is it 45 days every time, I, the client calls in and LHS resubmits the same bill (they can keep that game up forever. Who can I call to light a fire under their A ?

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