I called Liberty Healthshare in march. I figured I needed Health coverage for the next 6 years as I don't have any now and I will be 65 in 6 years.

I don't drink or smoke and I am not over weight. Being healthy for the past ten years I just wanted coverage for the next few years before ssi takes over. Having been a Christian most of my life knowing I didn't want Obama care and heard the ads on the great plans medishare offered I checked the intrnet and found Liberty Healthshare so and called. I did a short check to see if there were any complaints and couldn't find any so I gave them a shot.

A very nice girl answered the phone and together we started the process. She asked several questions on the first phone call my wife and I took mental notes on all that was said. She asked if my wife and I both needed coverage I said yes. Several questions came up first about my wife.

Does she have any medical issues at this time or in the past 24 months? Respones Yes she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2013. To make this short that disqualified her form coverage as the diagnoses was within 24 months of being insured. She will be covered under insurance for anything else that is not related.

She comes to me and asked. Basically the same line of questions starting with in the past 24 months did you have any medical issues? My response was no but I did have a heart attack in 2006. Next question was are you taking any medication at this time?

My response yes I am taking Metoprol, one asprin and natural vitamins and herbs. I also told her I was not taking any other medication Plavix or Lipator due to the many physical issues they were was causing since 2010. I ask her since I had the heart attack in 2006 was ther any problem with a pre existing condition being so long ago (10 years ago with no recurring issues) At that point she said she will speek with her supervisor to see if that would be an issue. About three minutes she came back on the phone and said no AS THE LENGTH OF TIME WAS WELL PAST THE 24 MONTH PERIOD.

Here is where the Christian ethics begin to fall apart... My wife and I agreed that at $300.00 monthly it was a good alternative to Obahma care. I want to say the person I was speaking with was Shardia. Shardia said it would take about 3 days to be approved and (not sure if now or in three days after approval) took our first monthly payment from our Visa.

She called back and yes we were approved. In fun I asked her if I have another heart attack your sure I am covered. She assured me I was at $1000.00 deductable and up to $1 million max coverage. Make this short to my fricking supprise I had just that another heart attack at the cost of over $70,000+. Yes dollars!!!

About 5 days later I received a phone call from a Philis that The latest incident was not covered due to pre existing condition. Of course i called and got the run around that it in the guidlines that in line 14 that includes any medication you were prescribed is a pre condition. As you can see I explained everything in the previous paragraph that happened in 2006 and the meds I was taking as of the signup. I WAS APPROVED AT THE TIME WITH THE MEDS I WAS TAKING.

I will continue to fight these crooks. Liberty healthshare and Christian should not be on the same page. 888-****-**** Tiffiny was the person to call and tell me by phone 5 days after the heart attack I had no coverage. This was never done in writing but over the phone.

Be careful as to these companies as the insurance laws are not the same for these groups. They are deep pockets and use the false name of Christ, Christianaty and our God as a money making machine. I am sure many people have been helped through some of these groups. I swear to our father I am telling the truth.

They want me to appeal my case. I told them everything I had to say and to whom do I appeal Liberty healthshare who called me 5 days after the heart attack to say you have no coverage. Funny after 9 months they ask for my health records and found something they approved over the phone 9 months earlier but now deny coverage.

Scammers let your friends know I know if you call they will say no coment and denai the truth but don't give them your money the coverage is what they decide at the time and cover what they want. Do not get ripped off they are liars

Product or Service Mentioned: Liberty Healthshare Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $75000.

Preferred solution: Pay the bill as promised at the time of service in Gods name.

Liberty Healthshare Cons: Original sign up was great the outcome was devistating.

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The concept of Christian Health Share is great, but in reality they really fall short leaving their members deeper in debt. I work with insurance and would suggest you work with facilities that provide care to you rather than waste money on groups that are very helpful when every thing is rosy and become unsympathetic when you really need them or try Affordable Care Ins (they use Medicare /Medicaid rates and actually have government approval).

Do your research, with outside entities instead of getting the scripted version on how great they are from the health sharing group. Plus any coverage that has on it's card "THIS IS NOT MEDICAL INSURACE" beware beware and choose carefully.

I hope you contacted your facility that provided services to you and asked for assistants with charges. Some of the questions maybe much but what do have to lose besides receiving a revised lower bill and sometimes a complete adjustment of entire billed amount


Looks to me like you're one of those people in this world who think you're entitled to getting everything for about nothing.


My husband has had Liberty Healthshare for 2 years and paid out of pocket over 1000.00 in routine medical bills. He met the 1000.00 deductible and was supposed to get a check back to reimburse some bills i sent to them, that was a year ago, excuse, had to look into what is happening with the claim, can take up to 6 months for reimbursement, excuse after excuse.

The doctors in Las Vegas do not accept their plan so every time you have to go to the doctor it's out of pocket. My husband is healthy with no existing issues. You are better off taking the 250.00 monthly insurance bill and putting it in a bank than you are paying this scam insurance company.

Heaven forbid, you should get sick. To date we have never been sent a check for 169.00 Bad Company


Shame on Liberty HealthShare!!! DO NOT TRUST My wife and I signed with Liberty HealthShare a couple of years ago.

Since then we have turned in several medical expenses to help cover our bills. We have never received any compensation.

When I call in I am told they are still reviewing or have not gotten all the "codes" needed. I feel that all of the funds I have "shared" have been a waste.


Your story could be mine. Fortunately, I didn't have a heart attack.

I did have a consultation with my heart doctor in February and received a bill today. I was told (before I signed with Liberty) that my heart was not a pre-condition (I had open heart surgery in 1999).

They told me today that unless I had that in writing, that my heart was NOT covered. Needless to say, we are cancelling TODAY.


Happens all too often, money over God. But if tv has taught us anything, televangelists have now figured out how to use the health system as a moneymaking tool.


What an ignorant comment.


I have to say to all of you here that it is with GREAT sadness you are ALL being mis-led and mis-directed !!!!!!! I am personally VERY sorry


RUN! RUN as fast as you can away from this horrible organization!

It is now 08/21/2019 and I still have claims from 04/15/2018 not paid. Sent to collections, each time I call (at least once a week) I get the same excuse "It's in the ready to pay category" which really means never to be paid! I've asked for a supervisor 3 times, each time I was told they are busy (for obvious reasons) and I would receive a call back, never get a call back. I did receive email from a "Do Not Reply" address from a supposed supervisor that says your claims is in "ready to pay status".

This particular claim was balanced billed and their third party negotiator (Med Cost Solutions) negotiated and agreed upon amount for the balance in March of 2019, told the provider it would be paid within 45 days, well 5 months later the provider has had it and sent me to collections. Liberty does not care that anyone gets sent to collections. Their process is to low ball the claim, see if the provider accepts it, when the provider doesn't then you send it to Med Cost Solutions, they negotiate the claim, tell the provider it's a done deal, send it to Liberty then Liberty never pays it. This is now happening with every claim we've had that the provider won't accept the fee.

My gut feeling is they are out of money and literally cannot afford to pay claims so they are holding off everyone they can and paying as much as they can when they can (If anything, I haven't had anything paid in at least 5 months). I will be contacting our state Division of Insurance to file a formal complaint (which they just ordered a cease and desist on two other sharing programs).


Same experience here. Claims from 2018&2019 still not paid. Sad they use religion to scam consumers.


Same story for me, sadly!!


I'm seeking litigation because in there contract they state they paid for yearly mammograms and paps. When my physicians have filed on my behalf under preventative, LHS has listed under my shared amount which is wrong on their end.

Ive called multiple times and spoke with reps and every time they tell me it has to be resubmitted because the previous rep didn't resubmit the claim as they said they would.

It never gets done. LHS is not standing by their agreement to the members.


This is a total scam on the few claims they agree to pay it took them 5 months to pay. I am switching to Altura.


This is turning out to be a P/T job for me trying to get my bills paid. Prior to revamping their system many bills were uploaded to be paid.

After finally talking to someone I’m being told they didn’t receive any bills. My labs bills were sent directly to Liberty so there’s no reasonable excuse. I have been sent to collections on 4 unpaid bills and other bills haven’t been paid out as far back as Aug. This is completely unacceptable.

It’s time to take action to get these bills rectified and start looking for a different company. Unhappy frustrated customer!!!


I totally agree. I am convinced it is a 501-3C scam.

I plan to contact my state attorney general and local US Senator to see if they will investigate this fraud. It would be good if everyone did.


Please contact me about your claim I may be able to help if you know of others as well please have them also call my cell 216-577-**** thank you


If he was taking Metropol at the time of enrollment, doesn't that settle it? Are you telling me the Metropol was being taken for something other than a heart-related condition?

Doesn't matter when the heart attack was if you still have reason to believe something is still an issue. The fact that this gentleman was still on Metropol for it shows he did think it was still an issue. This coverage isn't like other plans and insurance. The whole point of the rule is that you can't jump on this coverage if you have a known issue.

Maybe other coverages/plans. But not LHS. He clearly had a known issue. He was taking Metropol for it.

He didn't stop the Metropol in 2010. It was still current. I can see his frustration though if someone gave him wrong information that he'd still be covered for heart-related costs. He shouldn't have been told that.

And he shouldn't have expected to be covered. Unless that conversation with initial gal that enrolled him was recorded, just being fair to LHS, it would be difficult for them to confirm that he was told that. And either way, I'm not sure their rules would let the company pay out, because in the future it would set a precedent that if you call and you DO withhold information from the registration people and change your story later, LHS will end up paying. I'm not saying that's what this guy did.

But LHS can't break their policy and pay-out something the rest of the members have been told they won't pay out.

Sets them up to be suckered. Which would make it collapse in a hurry.


My husband takes that medication for blood pressure. no other heart issues.


My husband has taken metoprolol for high blood pressure also.


Metoprolol is for blood pressure only. Only Having high blood pressure would not make having a heart attack a preexisting condition.

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