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My family and I used Liberty Health share for 11 months while he was transitioning from one job to another. I can say customer service was fantastic when it involved collecting money, signing us up for our plan and welcoming us to their Christian-like family.

As time progressed I noticed a large lag in the communication process. If you have any questions after making a large payment to them, please expect multiple phone calls, no response to emails, rude representatives and months of waiting for reimbursement of well visit appointments!

I recommend consumers being very aware of their visit and well aware of what you are entitled when it comes to reimbursement, a lot of things will go to "utilization review" and there's a good chance it will disappear after that! Also, if you recommend anyone to their company and you are eligible for a $100 gift card, you can expect to wait 5 months before you see any of that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Liberty Healthshare Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Liberty Health Share paid my medical bills the first year and did a great job . August of 2018 things changed for the worst .

My bills have not been paid in 15 months. I have several family members that joined Liberty as well and they have the same issues.

Everyone needs to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Insurance Commissioners Office as well . We are currently considering canceling our policy.


Was with them for a year. They make you jump through so many hoops to get reimbursement, and now six months later, I still haven't received any!

Paid my bills up front, then submitted for reimbursement. If I paid $1,000, they corrected the credit to the Medicare reimbursement rate, not what I actually paid.

Then they still haven't reimbursed me, despite multiple phone calls to customer service, submissions and re-submissions of receipts and medical records. Such a scam!


as an outside billing company i don't even call anymore. waiting for over one year for paymentsdisaster of a company save your money

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