Liberty Health Share (LHS) professes to be a Christian organization, yet when it comes to doing the right thing they fail miserably! We have been with Liberty for 3 years, we are healthy and never submitted a claim.

As a part of our health maintenance, we also pay another 79 a month to a physician for discounted visits for annual check ups, blood work etc to maintain our good health. As part of this maintenance program LHS is supposed to reimburse a portion of the $79.00 ($32.00 to be exact) for our maintenance. It is a battle every month with constant phone calls to follow up on our reimbursement. I’m not sure why, because everything is done electronically?

Nonetheless, they are 5 months behind. To that point, we have absolute No confidence that if we did have a claim or needed coverage that they’d be there in our time of need. We are very blessed and fortunate to be healthy!!! Notwithstanding, if I’m going to pay an organization that professes they will be there in our time of need I must have confidence in the relationship.

LHS has not earned that confidence/trust for the last 3 years, so we have canceled our membership. The real test of their alleged “Christian format” will be when it comes to reimbursing us for the money we are already owed. DO NOT JOIN THIS ORGANIZATION IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HAVE YOUR HEALTH CARE PROTECTED!

They failed us at every turn and we never submitted a claim!! LHS is nothing more than a “Bait and Switch” organization!

Product or Service Mentioned: Liberty Healthshare Health Insurance.

Location: Coeur D Alene, Idaho

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