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Other than Holly and her husband, whose family clearly benefits financially from this service, as much as they try to dart around and imply that they don't, Liberty Healthshare seems to be a hopeful system that does not work, AT BEST. It worst it is a complete scam that we will be reading about some day like when all the business Ponzi schemes broke during the Madoff era.

We have been trying to be paid on items for over a year with some, and longer with others.

They are all labeled as valid expenses in their system, but when we ask approximately when they will be paid there is never a timeframe.

I'm sure Holly's family gets their bills paid quickly because she is one of the few out here spreading the good word about Liberty and getting them 6 or 7 new clients a month. Her blogging about it helps mitigate the thousands of negative comments on Liberty Healthshare we have seen all over the web. It would make sense that Liberty would make sure her personal experience with their system is positive.


Even though it feels that the monthly premium is cheap, relative to traditional health insurance, for the vast majority of the people we have found on this service, there seems to be literally no benefits and just simple frustration.

Like many of the hundreds threatening we will go back to traditional medical insurance as well. It's more expensive, and there are wait times, but there is a system in place that has a regulated protocol.

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Pamela H

Are you saying if you start publicly complaining, they don't pay or take an extra long amount of time to pay? I sure hope that's not true, as I've complained to the Better Business Bureau, on Facebook and now here.

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