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We paid our premium monthly, submitted the paper work as required. Liberty Health Share only paid a fraction of the bill and then told us that they are in “negotiations” with the HealthCare provider to “lower” the actual cost. Meanwhile the healthcare provider continues to send you the bill because they have no idea that Liberty Health Share is “negotiations” and you get sent to the collectors!

We were told that negotiations can take up to 30 days, but it has been 10 months!

Our medical bills are well below the cap that LHS provides for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Liberty Healthshare Health Insurance.

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Am in your shoes right now, said they were in negotiations with the hospital, oops they forgot to tell the hospital! I am now paying the hospital because I will not ruin my credit because they are liars! The hospital gave me a 20% because I have set up a payment plan, better than Liberty's negotiations!!


had very high hopes for joining Liberty HealthShare! I thought it was a great alternative to the current health care system.

However, the processing of billing and reimbursement is a joke! I submitted two bills in October of last year and when I called in to check the status of them I was told that they are being processed and the process would take 30-45 days. I called back the end of December and informed them that I received a letter from the hospital stating my credit will be affected if the payment isn't made. I was told that I could make the payment to the hospital and I would be reimbursed.

I called Liberty HealthShare again two months later and asked them when will I be reimbursed for the payments that I made to the hospital. I was told that no one knows when I will receive a reimbursement check. They said that the bills were processed, but I have to have to wait to see if a member will pay the bills that I have submitted. I then asked if I could expect a reimbursement check in 4- 7 months and they said they were not sure.

The reimbursement check I am expecting is around $1,000.00. I have paid my monthly payments on time and submitted my bills correctly and stated to Liberty Healthshare that this is not fair to the members.


I signed up for LH because I wanted to deal with a christian company. Did not need them for over two years and then when I did I had missed a change on my card.

They cancelled the insurance a couple weeks later after I found it and needed their help to fight cancer they do to accounting on part my I don't care. On ward christian bro.

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