I have paid my monthly health insurance premium and have waited MONTHS to be reimbursed. MONTHS!!

My reimbursement requests have been approved, but I'm still waiting for reimbursement. Yesterday I was told the turnaround time for reimbursement is 180 days! The customer service reps cannot help. They have zero answers.

She told me the 180 day turnaround time was better than it was past...which was "whenever they were able to pay them". WHAT??? You cannot email or speak to anyone other than the customer service rep. After doing some additional research online yesterday, I was shocked to see how many people are having the same issue I am.

The companies attempt to claim the delay in reimbursement is all "user error by the customer" is just to cover their tracks. The medical bills I have submitted have been approved for payment. After months of approved reimbursement requests, I am still waiting on a check. How can a company do this?

I believe this company is a total PONZI SCHEME. I have filed a formal complaint with the BBB (go check out their rating before you sign anything with LHS). I also filed a formal complaint with the Ohio Attorney General. I will check the internet daily praying someone starts a class action lawsuit against this FRAUD of a company.

Shameful that a company as deceitful as this portrays itself as a Christian based company. As a christian myself, this facade is deplorable.

Location: Dacula, Georgia

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I have waited YEARS! Been sent to collections 4x.

The same “new computer” system they claim have issues processing claims have NO ISSUE processing my payment every month!

And today I caught them lying, yes this Christian company representative LIED about making notes in my records. I’ve had it!!!


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