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They just don't want to pay. I have had very little expenses, mainly preventative things like wellness exams, colonoscopy, mammogram, etc.

It's a nightmare getting reimbursed and every time I call, I get a different explanation on why it's not being paid. 30-45 business days each time you want something looked at is rediculous! I have 3 different bills right now that they said I have an aua (annual unshared amount) which I paid to the provider which now I find out was wrong since they were covered under the wellness coverage. They owe me money now and I doubt I will ever see it.

I am in collections for the first time in my life of excellent credit because I was told by one representative that is what they do. They said "don't worry if it goes into collections because we will pay it right away then". Wrong! Almost 3 months in collections and it is still not paid.

I would never ever recommend them to anyone! Medicare can't come soon enough for me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Liberty Healthshare Health Insurance.

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PLEASE PLEASE Make sure you contact the Ohio Attorney General and file a complaint. They govern over this type of entity.

Liberty still has these same issues today 4/1/19.

It is vital everyone files a complaint so this sort of thing is stopped. You can also go to or call 866-406-4534 The same thing is happening today to us 4/1/19

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