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The good news:

1. I am and have been a member for over 2 years and was reimbursed for everything their plan says they would reimburse for in 2017.


95% of the time, I negotiate advance cash payment discounts.

3. I take pretty good care of myself and have minimal need for main-stream medical care (none in the 5 years preceding my membership, and none in 2018).

The bad news:

1. As a member, I have [nearly] always paid practitioners from my own pocket at time of treatment. The LHS "fast" reimbursements took over 3 months, and some took over 6 months.


I spent MANY dozens, if not hundreds, of hours (more time than the long distance travel and the few treatment consumed) jumping through hoops (calling, writing them letters, getting my doctors to write letters, etc.) that were placed as non-payment obstacles, each time I cleared the prior one.

3. They generally do not respond to phone messages left, emails, or letters, and don't normally honor follow-up commitments made.


Notifications of guideline changes are not provided in advance of their effective date.

5. As an unemployed person, under 65, I have few options for medical cost support, so I'm stuck.

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