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My ER bills from 2018 have not been paid. I'm consistently getting collections notices and my credit is threatened, not to mention the high level of stress this is placing upon me.

I called and cannot leave a message. The automated message blames the transition to new software as a reason that they cannot pick up my call. Once I got through to someone after being on hold for almost 5 minutes, they transferred me to another department who then transferred me over to another department. What customer wants to have their call transferred three times in ten minutes? After the third transfer, the third person said that they couldn't help me and transferred me yet again. I ended up right back to the original operator. Now on four transfers in 12 minutes the original operator suggested that I speak with a supervisor. Because no one knows how to transfer a call to billing.

Once the supervisor got on the phone she explained that the collections notices were being mitigated by another company and they were working on getting the bills paid. In 3 minutes she answered a question I've been trying to get answered for 4 months but couldn't reach anyone.

Suggestion: Train everyone. Empower each person who picks up the phone not to transfer the call, but to answer the question. I ceased membership 5 months ago because of the poor customer service and not getting the bills paid. If I would have spoken with the supervisor I just spoke with, they would not have lost a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Liberty Healthshare Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Pay the amount in full and have collection agencies remove the records of past due invoices that are not my responsibility..

Liberty Healthshare Pros: Speaking with someone who could help.

Liberty Healthshare Cons: Going through 11 people to get to the one person who could help.

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Liberty now owes me more than $4000 for claims I have submitted since May 2018. I call every month, get the run-around.

Thank god I just turned 65 and went on Medicare, so I cancelled my membership, but I will not rave about this company anymore. I think they grew too fast and can’t keep up with the demand for affordable healthcare.

But I just want answers! No one seems to be able to help me!


Who did you find that could help? We had a premature baby and can't get anyone to help....

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