May 17th, 2021:

I filled out some online questionnaires and got Liberty Health Brokers.

Spoke to:

Agent Contact: Tyler DiFilippo

(855) 321-****.

He told me its BlueCross and the providers are on Multi-plan PPO.

He made up a lot of B.S, hyper exaggerating all the numbers.

They also have/go by names of

Altura Ministeries, Insurance Management Group, Liberty Healthcare = all these names to confuse you!

Family of Four Coverage with no existing conditions.

Bluecross/Multi-plan (false)

2 Million Coverage, per person (fals!)

$1,400 deductible for the whole family (false)

Co-Pay: $25 Office/$50 Specialty (false)

Dependents covered until 26 yrs old (false)

I told him I didnt want to get on some Christian health plan. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I GOT AND OPPOSITE OF WHAT WAS PRESENTED TO ME OVER THE PHONE.

After paying $533.75 + $100 enrollment fee &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; careful review of e-documents, I decided to cancel.

I called and called and got reception relaying my message to Cancellation department.

After 4 calls to them, it began going directly into voicemail. After 1/2 hr, I got a hold of another receptionist and told them I want to talk to a manager. Once Chris or Kris supervisor called me back, he kept trying to deflect me and distracted me from cancelling. Turns out he doesnt even have the authority to cancel and I have to wait for the cancellation department call me to handle the cancellation.

In summary, they completely misrepresented (flat out lied to hook me) the coverage is a religious group healthcare/HealthShare.

If they dont want to cover you, they can flat out deny claim. (Ive signed up before with another so called Christian healthcare and its horrible!!) and theyre being completely rude about my right to the 30 day cancellation. Theyll say whatever and make it sound like youre crazy and try to upset you with comments in order to frustrate you further.

One comment from the supervisor; Do you even know what Bluecross will charge you, from what were offering you?

The call with Tyler D is supposedly recorded. I have also recorded on my end.

Matter of fact Tyler and Chris/Supervisor sound the same.

They claim theyre understaffed hence the departments unable to talk to me right away.

Read all the other reviews and youll know this company is a complete fraud. Go with the traditional, government approved insurance company. Not worth the immense headache as Im reading theyll figure out ways to dodge any claims youll

have with them. Hiding behind Christian Group Share healthcare = such Bogus!

In the e-signature. It states you dont believe in abortion, or drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco is wrong.

2 Million each

User's recommendation: Don’t sign up! They just want your credit card & personal info.

Location: Puyallup, Washington

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