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More than anything, I feel like an idiot. I am an intelligent person who is typically capable of making smart decisions. Then, I decided to sign my family up for this poor excuse for health coverage.

To make a long drawn out nightmare short, RUN. They will lure you in with good rates, promises, and in the end as soon as you submit a bill that's higher than about fifty bucks, they will stall. They will throw out every excuse on the earth to not pay that bill. It's coded wrong? They need chart notes from the hospital or doctor? What? In the end, if something is labeled as approved, they will take literally over six or seven months to pay after it's approved. It's bait and switch and it's a nightmare. And as so many others have learned, they refuse to pay your bills and keep them swirling in a limbo status. This keeps you scared to cancel. If you cancel, they pay ZERO. It's a total win for them.

They will tell you on the phone that there is absolutely no limit to how long it will take. There is no line in the sand on their timing to pay. They have zero legal liability to pay. You have no recourse. They will just come right out and tell you.

Here's an example. See the bill for my daughter, below.

Service in Jan. It was approved after they chopped off 65% of the charges, (you have to pay the rest). Created the file in April. To this day, not paid. Collections have sent it to my credit file. I have spent about five hours on the phone with LHS. If they ever do pay it, the funny thing is, I've already paid it off. So, you can allow your credit to be destroyed, or pay out of pocket gambling on getting your money back. Getting reimbursed, as a patient who has already paid? That's too funny really to even consider.

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Apr 25, 2018

Service Date

Jan 16, 2018


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Sophia B++++++

Charges: $860.00

Repriced: $245.81

AUA: $0.00

Eligible: $245.81

Sharing: $245.81

This has to be illegal somewhere? I don't know. I'm beyond frustrated and infuriated. There's no winning here. I have to cut the losses and learn from a very expensive, $40,000 lesson.

Product or Service Mentioned: Liberty Healthshare Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Failure to pay benefits..

Monetary Loss: $40000.

Preferred solution: They need to deliver what they promised from the start. They should pay bills that are a result of a covered event..

Liberty Healthshare Pros: Sales pitch.

Liberty Healthshare Cons: Lies that followed.

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Liberty Healthshare consistently underpays the medical bills. They tell you that they will negotiate it down, but this rarely happens.

It almost never gets resolved until you call them several times and threaten to sue them.

Once you inform them of upcoming litigation, they take action and pay the bills. Its unfortunate that this is the way they do business.

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