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Long story short. Member since 1/1/17.

Paid faithfully with no requests for reimbursement until 5/20/19. Had deadly skin cancer removed. Procedure was approved. All required documentation was sent certified mail.

Total of aprox $1,900. I am in business and pay attention to details and all of their requirements for reimbursement were met & required documents were provided for substantiation. I called & emailed a number of times ( all documented) to find out if there was anything they needed from me to complete the claim. Nothing but stall tactics to get you off of phone.

No follow up of any kind. After reviewing many of the complaints posted online, reading a news story of how the Ohio DA has been contacted many times about them and my own personal experience, I cancelled my membership. They didn't make any effort to resolve anything because they know it is a scam. Once you figure out the con, it is wasted resources to for them to say anything else.

The following is my personal opinion of how the organization is being operated:

My suspected picture of how they operate and make big money:

#1 Mafia style - infiltrate and take over a known, well established, operation that has a good reputation & track record.

#2 Take advantage of in place tax exempt religious status & exemption from state insurance regulatory controls. Your payments are considered "donations" with no expectation of anything in return. Use multiple corporations to play the "nut & shell" game to move finances around.

#3 Spend lots of money on the intake portion of the operation - smooth, appealing, emotional website. Appeal to vulnerable, Christian population with promise to take care of a very important need in their life ( health / financial concerns).

Put in very efficient system to collect funds electronically every month. Spend money on ongoing recruiting campaign & newsletters that make the operation appear to be next to Jesus in it's level of compassion.

#4 Set up a state of the art call center with staff trained to be responsive & polite to callers using the "be ye warmed & filled" tactic to string members along with hope without ever doing anything of substance. They are able to perpetrate the con and keep the dues coming in for a long time using a warehouse of deceptive tactics. "We lost the paperwork, new computer system, this was not coded correctly, that is not covered, you have to resend, resend, resend." This can keep vulnerable members who owe thousands to hospitals on the hook continuing to send dues in for years because it is the only hope they have to prevent financial ruin.

#5 Keep a high turnover of isolated staff so that it is difficult for anyone inside the organization to get a clear picture of the con.

#6 Like a casino - pay out a few selected big payouts and put them on display so that there is some verifiable truth in the operation for all to see and believe how great they are.

#7 Never return calls or emails from members who are questioning why they have not received any reimbursements on seemingly very straight forward, covered expenses where all of the compliance has been met and documentation has been received by them months & even years ago.

#8 Never give any static to someone who wants out.

Cancel without any questions as to why. (the answer is they know why you cancelled) Don't waste any resources on a member that has figured out the con. Move on to new targets and keep them in the system as long as possible.

#9 Work the numbers and rake in millions until the operation is shut down.

#10 Sleep at night like a baby because after all - those religious kooks who believe in a life hereafter are a bunch of suckers!

People - this operation has all of the earmarks of a ponzi scheme.

You have been warned! Don't lose your money!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Liberty Healthshare Cons: Ponzi scheme.

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